Welcome to the home of Bryan Beus—artist and forthcoming graphic novelist!

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"Faerietank" - a painting by Bryan Beus

“Faerietank” (2013) by Bryan Beus.

This site is a place to share a conversation on life and the world around us. A few favorite topics and mediums you’ll find include whimsical fantasy art, graphic novels, cinema, and more; mythology and religion; observations on our world as it is today; and the meditative arts.

Everything in life flows back into Compassion, and the only question is how long we will fight the river. What I love about the topics mentioned above is how well they lead to Truth. Reading great books; witnessing imaginative paintings; watching intriguing movies; participating in many other story experiences: each strengthens our connection with the world around us. Our many religions and mythologies can be a source of peace (I myself am a Christian, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the other religions out there—especially those from the far east!). And the stillness of meditation strengthens our ability to see the natural world.

Presently, in my personal creative work I am creating two graphic novels.

One will be published with Deseret Book’s fiction division, Shadow Mountain Publishing. It’s entering its fifth year of development. We’re keeping the title and plot under wraps until we get a bit closer; I will say that it’s a whimsical fantasy for ten to twelve-year olds. When will it be released? I don’t know. We always feel that it’s ‘almost finished,’ and then we find new ideas that will make it better. So, we continue working. I am excited for you to read it.

The other is a small side project that I’m doing on my own. It’s a thirty-two page graphic novella. At this time if you see anything specific posted here on my website about one of my stories, know that it is this small personal project and not the larger one I’m doing with Deseret Book.

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