LTUE - Life, the Universe, and Everything 2014

LTUE 2014 – Life, The Universe, and Everything – (& “Short Cut” Update)

LTUE 2014 Writers and Illustrators’ Conference   This year I am speaking on three (four) panels at the “Life, the Universe, and Everything” Conference here in Provo, Utah—informally known as LTUE (pronounced “la-tooey”). This conference is one of the premier outlets along the Wasatch Front for lovers of creative writing and illustration to gather and learn […]

A Corel Painter Tutorial done of "Faerietank" (2013) by Bryan Beus

Painter X3 Tutorial and “Short Cut” Update

Corel Painter X3 Tutorial First of all, as I mentioned awhile ago, I did a Corel Painter X3 tutorial with Corel Corporation awhile ago. It’s live now on Corel’s main website. This painting was a really fun process. It goes over the entire process of creating the painting: 1) coming up with rough concepts; 2) working […]